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Employee stories

Get inspired by our employees

We are here to grow and thrive.

Head of Legal and Compliance at LKQ RHIAG Italy

Valeria Ambrese

“Lawyers are not enemies to businesses, but the windshield of an organization.”

IT Service Support Engineer at GCC Poland

Sylwester Mlynarczyk

"I have found everything I need here - from development and training opportunities to being involved in projects, decision-making, and spending time with colleagues."

Logistics LKQ RHIAG Switzerland

Remzije Mehmeti

"I enjoy the strong team spirit and the constantly improving working environment at LKQ RHIAG."

HR Data Analyst at GCC Poland

Krystian Hajnce

"I always wanted to be a data analyst."

Logistics LKQ RHIAG Switzerland

Riksanda Quni

"Working at LKQ RHIAG Switzerland keeps me moving."

Logistics LKQ RHIAG Switzerland

Kjire Panovski

"LKQ RHIAG Switzerland helps me further develop my working skills."

Product Manager LKQ RHIAG Italy

Carolina Zucco

"The product categories I’m responsible for represent a mix of what LKQ is all about – one part heritage and experience, but also leading innovation and looking to the future."

Communications Manager

Bowei Li

"LKQ is a place where you can really grow, excel and find your purpose, surrounded by people who completely support you."

Communication Manager for France, Belgium and Netherlands

Jareau Mantel

"Valuable conversations are an insightful two-way street that lets me find out if what I’m doing is relatable."

OTC Senior Accountant

Agata Klimek

“Contributing to financial operations that help our customers is what motivates me."

Director of Warehousing Excellence and Continuous Improvement

Luigi Monticelli

“I strongly believe that the best way to make progress is by mixing experience with innovation."