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As the automotive aftermarket leader, we’re committed to helping our customers, investors, business partners, employees and their families understand the long-term social and environmental impact the actions of businesses have on society. Leading with integrity means we act responsibly. We continually work to balance economic efficiency, uphold social responsibility and shape the automotive aftermarket for the better.

Here to create future-driven solutions

Our LKQ Innovation and Service Center in Katowice, Poland opened in July 2021. Since then, we’ve continued to rapidly develop, drive change and focus on new innovative developments. Our goal is to provide our customers, employees and partners with an exceptional experience. We strive to achieve this by continually developing across all areas to stay ahead of new trends – and master technological transformation towards electrification and digitalization.

Enabling customer choice. Always.

Fair competition between vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), service networks and independent aftermarket (IAM) players are prerequisites for consumer choice in the Automotive Aftermarket. Therefore, an aftermarket monopoly should not be permitted to emerge when vehicle manufacturers erect proprietary barriers. Importantly, vehicle owners, not manufacturers, should decide who has access to their vehicle data. At LKQ Europe, we strive to ensure our consumer always has the autonomy to choose preferred service partners

Fair and transparent competition

Fair competition in Europe includes the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER), which empowers customers and vehicle owners to freely choose dealers, service and repair shops, and spare parts. The existing MVBER expires in May 2023 and is currently being revised. To date, the MVBER has made an exemplary contribution to competition and benefited European customers. The new version intends to further strengthen competition.


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