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Passionate to create customer value

LKQ STAHLGRUBER has advanced how spare parts and repair solutions are distributed since it joined LKQ in 2018.  As one of the largest and leading spare parts wholesaler in Germany and Austria, LKQ STAHLGRUBER provides customer-centric, cost-effective solutions.

Together with its associated companies, PV Automotive, Neimcke and STAHLGRUBER  Austria, LKQ STAHLGRUBER is passionate about progress and innovation. Customers are empowered to choose from 2,000,000 parts, accessories, workshop equipment and a wide range of services, over 250,000 parts are stocked daily at over 160 branches. World-class logistics and fast delivery are some of the ways LKQ STAHLGRUBER is shaping the automotive aftermarket for the better.

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World-class logistics and services

    We offer reliable, wide-reaching logistic solutions that take businesses further faster. With over 160 branches, rapid fulfilment and national distribution centers across Germany and Austria, LKQ STAHLGRUBER supplies over 30,000 independent workshops and 1,500 large retailers and guarantees same day delivery. This includes 100,000 supplying deliveries to the branches as well as 42,000 customer stops both on a daily basis.

    As the leading distributor of vehicle parts in the Germany and Austria we help businesses to accelerate through our various partnership concepts. We have over 2,500 concept partners across Germany and Austria, and the numbers continue to rise because of the positive impact they have on the development of our customers’ businesses.

    Our specially trained sales consultants offer specialist advice based on the individual needs of our customers and their businesses. We support this with our 180 service technicians who cover the whole of our network and offer fast and comprehensive customer support. Together with our partners, specialists from our suppliers and other industry experts we inspire our customers to help move their businesses forward by developing new ways of working and building valuable new skills.

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    Here to embrace environmental health

    LKQ STAHLGRUBER upholds the highest standards of environmental protection, sustainable development and reducing our carbon footprint. Collaborating with certified recycling companies, complying with hazardous materials regulations and using sophisticated logistics chains are all ways we act responsibly. Sharing environmental expertise within the wider vehicle repair industry enables us to create change and make a positive impact for the planet and its people.

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    Future outlook

    Focusing on our customers' success

    Working with our existing customers across our key channels will be fundamental to our future growth. This means continuing to support them as we do today but also ensuring that they are prepared for the future where digitalization, connectivity and e-mobility will be key drivers in the automotive aftermarket.

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    LKQ logistic center from inside