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"Think sustainably!"

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August 24, 2023

"Think sustainably!"

Besides operating with a clear focus on the circular economy, sustainability for LKQ Europe is also about other aspects: the way we conduct our operations for creating efficient processes and improved quality, or providing sustainable development for our people, but most importantly it is about creating a sustainable culture, enabling our people to think sustainably. In our interview with Magnus Tagesson, Chief Executive Officer LKQ Atracco, he emphasizes the importance of focusing on environmental sustainability and sustainable development. 



Tell us a little bit about your background and career?


Probably I am one of the few people at LKQ Europe not being connected to cars since forever. Before joining LKQ Atracco, I worked in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing at SONY DADC for 14 years; their main products are CD’s, DVD’s and PS. The years with the company were very educational: I started as COO and was involved in the startup of the entity, which during the first three years increased the turnover from zero to five billion SEK. My role then moved to a Managing Director for the Nordics. That was in some ways a little like my current role. In 2013 my journey with LKQ Atracco started, first as COO, then as CEO of Atracco and Recopart and for almost five years now as CEO of the Atracco Group. This journey has developed me as a person and as a leader, and I keep on learning.


How would you describe your management style?


I am result-oriented and work for a well-functioning organization where good order both in the physical workplace as well as in the financials, and profitability is a priority. I am empathic and it is of great importance to me that the staff feel good and appreciated at work. I want the staff to feel committed and understand our goals so that we can work together as a team to exceed them. I am very customer oriented. Like us, our customers are as aware of the importance of sustainability, and we want to exceed their expectations.


What would you say to someone who has just started working at LKQ Atracco?


Congratulations! To work at LKQ Atracco not only gives you great colleagues and teamwork, working at LKQ Atracco also gives you fantastic opportunities for development if that is what you desire. Only you set the limit for your own development in the company. Development is also a key word for our industry due to a shortage of new car parts and great extent because we work with sustainability which is a key to success in the future.


How does the LKQ Europe customer in your region differ from the customer in other parts of Europe, if at all?


We are proud to say we put the customer first, but what differs us from the rest of Europe is that we work with original used car parts and not new car parts, especially a large portion of our customer base is insurance companies. Our customers are cost and environmentally conscious.


Today, sustainability is on everyone’s lips. What does it mean to Atracco and how are you putting it into practice?


Sustainability is one of our main cornerstones, it permeates our entire business. We take environmentally hazardous products and handle them in an environmentally friendly way. We try to give as many parts as possible a second life and recycle what is not demanded in a sustainable way. We work hard to meet all the tough environmental requirements set by various authorities in Sweden and Norway.


What do you consider the greatest opportunities for LKQ Europe in your region?


Our focus on the environment gives us great opportunities to develop even further. We have high demand from both our customers and the authorities in Sweden and Norway, and we are continuously working to exceed their expectations. Due to our long experience and close relationships with insurance companies and because Sweden is one of the most mature markets for dismantling in Europe, we are able to apply “best practice” and our model can and will be rolled out to other European countries.


What is your message to the other parts of LKQ Europe?


Think sustainably! Original used car parts are a big market for the future. We have a very good collaboration within LKQ Europe and I’m looking forward to learning even more and exploring more opportunities with our great colleagues in LKQ.


If you could name just one attribute or characteristic from LKQ Atracco that is noticeable in the overall company culture what would it be?


Teamwork is what first comes to my mind. There is a positive can-do attitude in the company, our colleagues are experienced, committed, and inclusive and I am very grateful and proud to be a part of team Atracco.


What is your favourite European travel destination?


Barcelona is one of my favourite destinations because it has so much to offer. The sun, the beach, great food, and music. The culture and the atmosphere of the city appeal to me.


How do you say ‘Keeping you moving’ in your mother tongue?


Håller dig i rörelse.

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