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"Resourcefulness begins with our people"

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December 07, 2023

Resourcefulness begins with our people

In times of dynamic challenges, resourcefulness requires skillfully embracing technology and leveraging digital capabilities. We sat down with Yanik Cantieni, Chief Financial Officer LKQ Europe, to speak about his thoughts on our core value “Resourceful”. In finance, we use data analytics to make informed decisions and identify opportunities, ensuring adaptability, agility, and creativity in a rapidly changing business environment.



What does Resourceful value mean for you?

For me resourcefulness begins with our people at the forefront. We prioritize equipping our team with the essential skillsets, competencies, and experiences, enabling them to consistently improve operational excellence and deliver best customer experiences. Our commitment to continual organizational learning not only drives tangible impact but also builds our resilience, especially during more challenging times.


How is LKQ demonstrating its resourcefulness today, especially in the area of Finance?

In finance, we are demonstrating resourcefulness by implementing various strategies and best practices. One example is the efficient allocation of financial resources to maximize their impact. This includes carefully analyzing and prioritizing investments, optimizing budget utilization, and seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or performance.

Our business operates within a dynamic landscape influenced by numerous internal and external factors. The volatility experienced during the recent years has clearly demonstrated the limitations of rigid strategies. Today, adaptability, agility and creativity stand as pivotal factors in navigating rapidly changing business environment. Therefore, we are actively embracing technology and automation, and developing digital capabilities to streamline financial processes, improve accuracy, reduce manual efforts and make timely decisions. By leveraging data analytics and advanced financial tools, we are able to make informed decisions and identify opportunities that creates value.


How can our colleagues live the Resourceful value every day? 

In the midst of turbulent times, an organization's purpose, mission, culture and values carry unprecedented significance. Our reliance on the DELIVERS values serves as our guiding principles in daily decision-making, tailored to continue deliver on our promises to the market and to our employees.

By fostering resourcefulness, we equip ourselves to confront challenges that might not be visible today but could materialize tomorrow. We are continuously looking at how to best serve our customers, enhancing our operational performance, whilst ensuring compliance standards are met. This distinguishing quality sets us apart in the market.

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