"Our strength is diversity."

"Our strength is diversity."

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May 25, 2023
"Our strength is diversity."

This month marks the European Diversity Month. At LKQ Europe, we are committed to promoting an inclusive work environment, as we are a truly European organization operating in 20 countries across Europe with strong local brand images. We believe that the variety of our locations and people enriches our spirit and culture. We caught up with Andras Lorincz, Chief Executive Officer LKQ Central & Eastern Europe, to speak with him about the CEE region - where LKQ operates in eight countries, serves customers who speak eight languages and has its head office in Prague (Czech Republic). 



Andras, since 2020 you are CEO of LKQ for Central and Eastern Europe. Can you tell us a bit about your previous career?

Before joining LKQ, I had many exciting opportunities and several positions in the automotive industry. I am especially grateful for my time at the automotive part supplier Hella, where I worked in various positions, and finally have been the Vice President of Sales. After that I have become a sales manager and CEO of Elit Romania, which is now part of LKQ Europe.


How would you describe your management style?

I am focused on leading teams to successes and celebrating achievements together. To get there, I believe in embracing change, creativity, and new innovative procedures while supporting the individual talents of a team. Understanding the concept of individuality is also important: different situations and employees require different leadership styles.


What would you say to someone who has just started working at LKQ CEE?

Welcome to our family! Our uniqueness lies in our diverse people who share their knowledge and inspire each other. With us you have an excellent opportunity to shape the LKQ culture, learn from colleagues, and share best practices and knowledge. We will maximize your potential and take care of your enthusiasm, energy, and talent.


How does the LKQ Europe customer in your region differ from the customer in other parts of Europe, if at all?

In the CEE region we serve eight countries, and the customer behavior is slightly different in each of them. However, they all demand fast delivery, product availability, and personal contact. We rely on large warehouses and an efficient replenishment and delivery system. We adapt flexibly to changing circumstances and needs, as seen in our support of our Ukrainian colleagues.


How important is sustainability to LKQ CEE, and how are you putting it into practice in your region?

Sustainability essentially means taking care, and we take that very seriously. We promote all activities to help our people and the communities we operate as well as to reduce CO₂ emissions to not further burden the environment. At almost 300 branches we turn off external lighting, use energy-saving lighting, and train employees in energy saving measures. We are also electrifying our vehicle fleet and developing ways to lead us to a better future.


What do you consider the greatest opportunities for LKQ Europe in your region?

Consolidating our systems and preparing for electrification and digitization are significant opportunities for us. We are creating a concept for a future workshop and providing professional training to help our customers cope with the change in the automotive industry.


What is your message to the other parts of LKQ Europe?

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional team I have around me. I am proud to work alongside individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and with a range of fantastic experiences. Sharing know-how across the board allows us to be a market leader and achieve great results, making us successful even in individual countries. Sharing best practices across Europe is key to our success and satisfaction. Together, we can achieve anything.


What is one characteristic of LKQ CEE that stands out in the overall company culture?

The word that encapsulates our strength is "diversity". We are fortunate to have a multicultural background that allows us to appreciate differences and seek out synergies to meet the needs of our customers and colleagues. This diversity is evident in the fact that we have two countries, Ukraine as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are not members of the EU and face various legal and commercial issues. Despite these challenges, our colleagues in Ukraine have delivered excellent results and have our utmost respect, admiration and support.


What is your favorite European travel destination?

That’s not easy, as Europe offers so many opportunities and each country has its unique charm. I love travelling all over Europe, and I often return to places where I feel comfortable and know my ways around. For example, I love Prague for its history, cuisine and atmosphere. Ultimately, what matters most is not where you are, but the people you surround yourself with. In good company, I feel at home anywhere.


How do you say 'Keeping you moving' in your mother tongue?

Udržet tě v pohybu.

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