"I believe in lifelong learning"

"I believe in lifelong learning"

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June 22, 2023
"I believe in lifelong learning"

People are our greatest asset. We firmly believe in keeping our people growing and developing is the right thing to do. With our digital learning platform, LKQ YOU, our employees have access to a vast array of over 5,000 existing courses, which are available in 21 languages. Additionally, we offer specialized training. In 2021, for example the DACH region introduced a new training program for specialists and managers. In our interview, Frank Schöller, Chief Executive Officer LKQ DACH, draws upon his personal experience and background to underscore the importance of continuous learning.



Frank, last year you celebrated the fortieth anniversary in the industry. Tell us a little bit about your background and career?

It is indeed almost unbelievable. I am a real "car guy" and probably what you call an old hand. I know the business inside out: I trained as a car mechanic and then graduated as a master mechanic and managed a workshop. Later I went into sales. I believe in lifelong learning and that you can always develop – no matter how old you are or what you did before. In my case, for example, I was able to do a Bachelor in Business Administration without a school-leaving certificate, thanks to my master mechanic's degree. And even with LKQ Europe I didn’t stop learning, my last training was the LKQ Leadership Training, which was a lot of fun.


How would you describe your management style?

You should ask my colleagues. (laughs) I have spent my entire life with customers and in management positions; personal contact with people is very important to me. One of my strengths is bringing teams together and getting them excited about a cause. It is important to me not to make decisions from the ivory tower, but to work out results together. I have an empathy for what is bothering people, and I am happy when I can support them in their development. Finally, I am very customer-orientated, I want to know what makes our customers tick and what they need.


What would you say to someone who has just started working at LKQ DACH?

Congratulations! It’s been a good decision to choose us as your employer. We are a great company, with challenges and opportunities alike. Particularly unique: The combination of a regional environment coupled with being part of a multinational group. This diversity, learning from other cultures – that is something very special.


How does the LKQ Europe customer in your region differ from the customer in other parts of Europe, if at all?

The level of maturity of workshop customers in the various countries and markets is often very different, for example with regard to digitalisation, workshop equipment, size or the topics of fleets. Even more important is what unites us: customer first!


Today, sustainability is on everyone’s lips. What does it mean to LKQ DACH and how are you putting it into practice?

What we are very proud of: Sustainability has never been just a trend for us, but a promise to the coming generation. For example, it has always been important to us not just to go along with ecological change, but to actively shape it. A good example is that we have been consistently investing in LED technology since 2015. At LKQ STAHLGRUBER, 90 percent of the lighting has already been converted to LED. And we continue to work on it.


What do you consider the greatest opportunities for LKQ Europe in your region?

We are the market leader in the DACH region; we will consolidate and expand this position. Looking forward, our performance characteristics will enable us to continue to grow our business profitably. And thus to win new partners and customers.


What is your message to the other parts of LKQ Europe?

I value this exchange a lot. The cooperation with our colleagues is very fruitful. Thanks to LKQ Europe’s scale we can learn a lot from each other and support each other. I appreciate our open and constructive exchanges and am very thankful for it.


If you could name just one attribute or characteristic from LKQ DACH that is noticeable in the overall company culture what would it be?

For sure, excellence. We try to set things up sensibly from the ground up so that they work well. Due to legal frameworks, for example, this is often not easy. Sometimes we might seem to be not extremely enthusiastic straight away. But when we work on something, we implement it - and in a way that works brilliantly. 

One reason for this could be that there is less of a "culture to fail" in Germany. We want to prevent this from the outset and are therefore perhaps more conscious. The economic success speaks for us - and so does the further development since we became part of LKQ.


What is your favourite European travel destination?

I have been drawn to Lake Garda again and again for decades. One of my passions is golf. There are many great places in the region – and of course delicious food.


How do you say 'Keeping you moving' in your mother tongue?

Immer mobil.

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