"Compete to Win"

"Compete to Win"

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October 19, 2023
"Compete to Win"



What is your background/career history?


I joined LKQ Europe’s UK business in 2010 prior to the LKQ acquisition. Post-acquisition I was responsible for the rapid expansion of the business across the UK. In 2016, I became Chief Commercial Officer of LKQ Europe, where I was responsible for several key pan-European commercial projects related to digital strategy, revenue optimization and category management. After re-joining the region in January 2019 I became CEO of LKQ Euro Car Parts group and additionally the Managing Director of LKQ Europe’s Italian business, a position I took in March 2023. Prior to joining LKQ, I held a variety of management roles for Halfords Group, the UK’s leading automotive and leisure retailer with over 500 locations, working up to Divisional Director for the South.


Describe your management style?


In short, it is a collaborative, empowering, supportive and coaching style, with strong influencing skills. I have always enjoyed working with people – helping them to achieve their personal goals and those of the wider business.


What would you say to someone who has just started working at the UK or Italian business of LKQ Europe?


Welcome to the family! Keep in mind that we want our colleagues to have fun and personally grow, and to live our corporate values. Be inquisitive, ask questions, look after your customers – either internal or external – and support your team.


How does the LKQ Europe customer in your region differ from the customer in other parts of Europe, if at all?


As I am speaking for two regions across Europe, we need to have two different approaches.

 In the UK and Ireland, our business is predominantly a two-step model and we have an extensive B2B business covering both IMT and Key Accounts customers. We also support bodyshops with paint and collision parts through LKQ Bodyshop, and leisure and marine customers through LKQ Leisure and Marine (formerly Arleigh Group) . The UK also has an established B2C offering delivering to retail customers through our online platform eurocarparts.com.

In Italy, we mainly operate with a B2B model and a three-step supply chain: from the distributor, through the wholesaler (ricambista) to the workshop. In some areas in the north of the country we operate in coexistence with a two-step model distributing directly to workshops and body shops. We offer spare parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks. Over the past 20 years we have developed our own garage concepts and affiliated more than 2,000 garages throughout Italy. We provide maintenance and repair services through the network to private customers and all leading short- and long-term rental and ownership fleets.


How important is sustainability to your regions and how are you putting it into practice?


In the UK and Ireland as well as in Italy, sustainability is becoming a core part of our business model in both the way we do business and the importance to our existing and potential colleagues. Our sustainability strategy is aligned to the global and European model supporting planet, people and communities, and we have activities in place covering these three pillars.

In the UK and Ireland, one of our key initiatives is around our equity, diversity and inclusion agenda. To support this, we have launched our PAVE network (“People Adding Value Everywhere”) and as part of this our “25 by 25” pledge where we are aiming to have 25 percent of our workforce female by the end of 2025.

In Italy, we have launched the 2023 sustainability campaign "Let's roll up our sleeves", involving all colleagues in concrete initiatives aimed at corporate wellbeing and supporting the communities in which we operate. It includes activities to preserve the environment and promote social inclusion.


What do you consider the greatest opportunities for LKQ Europe in your region?


The UK and Ireland operation is an established business and we are currently the market leader. To retain that position, we need to continue to offer the best product range and availability combined with the best customer service. Having the right people and investing in them will help us to grow our market share. We are also exploring how we can expand into some new markets – for example, electric vehicles and salvage.

In Italy, we have been leading the automotive aftermarket distribution and value creation business for the whole independent supply chain for 60 years. In recent years we have diversified the business by entering the collision and coatings as well as the motorbike segment. Our main focus area is continuous service development for our customers in every level of the supply chain and growing the two-step business through key account customers and workshop partners.


What is your message to the other parts of LKQ Europe?


We are part of a global team, a global leader and we are the best in Europe! Be inquisitive, learn from peers, regions, functions – and live the LKQ values.


If you could name just one attribute or characteristic from the UK and Ireland, and Italy that is noticeable in the overall company culture what would it be?


Our passion and the willingness to compete to win.


What is your favourite European travel destination?


I’ve already travelled across many parts of Europe, both for pleasure and for work. And honestly, there are too many favourite spots. To highlight just one, it is the island of Santorini.


How do you say ‘Keeping you moving’ in your mother tongue?


As a native English speaker, I’d prefer to not translate our slogan as the English words are much more effective. However, in Italian language the words coming close to it are "supportiamo la tua crescita”.

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