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Attract and develop our people. Always.

Empowering our people

We create an inclusive work environment and support sustainable growth for our people, partners and customers. Empowering people is a catalyst for continued success – and cultivates a culture of growth, development and opportunity. By making it possible for our people to use their talents we enable them to build new skills and reach their full potential.


Our ESG goals - Employee engagement

  • 73%

    By 2025, achieve 73% participation in our employee engagement survey and an overall engagement score of 76

  • 78%

    By 2030, achieve 78% participation in our employee engagement survey and an overall engagement score of 78

Sustainability _ 03 People

Celebrating a culture of health, safety and well-being

The health, safety and well-being of our teams are a top priority for LKQ Europe. As an upstanding employer, we engage with our employees to ensure they are supported in all aspects of work. As our European business develops, LKQ strives to provide safe workplaces, across all our business operations. In addition to our established health and safety practices, we continue to excel through specialized education and training.

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion

At LKQ Europe, we value and promote diversity, equity and inclusion to create an inspiring workplace. It’s what fuels our success and enables us to deliver excellent results. LKQ is made up of 26,000+ talented people, from more than 20 countries – united by strong shared values.

  • 26000


  • 20


Opportunities for all

Our dedication to maintaining an inclusive workplace, free from discrimination, intolerance or harassment, is built on joint opportunities. LKQ Europe embraces and upholds all dimensions of identity, such as gender, ethnicity, orientation, disability and age.

Cultivating meaningful progress

LKQ Europe’s people are our greatest asset and key to our continued success. Leading purposefully means investing in our teams and fostering personal development. It’s why we create continuous opportunities to learn, discover and develop together.

Sustainability _ 03 People