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Here to amplify social health

Committed to communities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to LKQ Europe and we take accountable action across all our regions and countries in Europe. As a socially responsible employer, we strive to become a part of the communities we operate in – and make a positive impact to their social and economic development. Our activities focus on health and human services, technical and general education, environment and the circular economy and supporting small businesses. In addition to investing in our communities, we also encourage our employees to engage in community work to make the biggest impact.


Creating affordable, safe, clean mobility

We’re committed to creating affordable, safer, cleaner individual mobility now – and in the future. Enhancing the safety, reliability and lifetime of cars through repair, remanufacturing, and recycling of car parts directly contributes to a more sustainable society. In doing this, LKQ Europe saves valuable resources and fosters a circular economy.

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Motivating membership and industry engagement

As an active member of several renowned organizations and industry associations, LKQ is influential in the aftermarket industry. In our role as a CSR Europe member – and World Alliance for Efficient Solutions (Solar Impulse Foundation) participant, we collaborate with a wide-ranging of stakeholders to make an impact to social and sustainability projects for our communities.


Social sustainable supply chain

A sustainable supply chain management is at the forefront of our business. This means responding to our customer needs responsibly and efficiently. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure labour standards and ethics are always upheld. To further strengthen our commitment, we’re developing a global supplier code of conduct policy and program.

E-fuel essentials

Together with the eFuel Alliance we support advancing and intensifying the production of synthetic carbon-neutral fuels. We believe accepting e-fuels is an essential part of the European climate policy change – in addition to increasing the industrial production of synthetic fuels and renewable energies.

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